One Piece: Dressrosa (630-699) - Episode 689 - A Great Escape! Luffy's Tide-turning Elephant Gun!

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One Piece Episode 682 - Breaking through Enemy Lines! Luffy and Zoro Launch the Counter-Attack!
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One Piece Episode 684 - Gathering into a Powerful Front! Luffy and a Group of Brutal Warriors!
One Piece Episode 685 - Steady Progress! Luffy’s Army vs. Pica!
One Piece Episode 686 - A Shocking Confession! Law's Soulful Vow!
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One Piece Episode 688 - A Desperate Situation! Luffy Gets Caught in a Trap!
One Piece Episode 690 - A United Front! Luffy's Breakthrough to the Victory!
One Piece Episode 691 - The Second Samurai! Evening Shower Kanjuro Appears!
One Piece Episode 692 - A Hard-Fought Battle Against Pica! Zoro's Deadly Attack!
One Piece Episode 693 - The Little People's Princess! Captive Mansherry!
One Piece Episode 694 - Invincible! A Gruesome Army of Headcracker Dolls!
One Piece Episode 695 - Risking Their Lives! Luffy is the Trump Card for Victory!
One Piece Episode 696 - A Tearful Reunion! Rebecca and Kyros!
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