NEW GAME!! Episode 12 - Make Sure You Buy It
NEW GAME! Episode 12 - One of My Dreams Came True!
NEW GAME!! Episode 11 - What's Hidden in Your Heart
NEW GAME! Episode 11 - There Were Leaked Pictures of the Game on the Internet Yesterday!
NEW GAME!! Episode 10 - It's Gonna Really Break the Immersion
NEW GAME! Episode 10 - Full-time Employment is a Loophole in the Law to Make Wages Lower
NEW GAME!! Episode 9 - At Least Put a Shirt on!
NEW GAME! Episode 9 - Do We Have To Come Into Work?
NEW GAME!! Episode 8 - I'm Telling You, I Want a Maid Café
NEW GAME! Episode 8 - It's Summer Break!!
NEW GAME!! Episode 7 - I'm Sensing a Very Intense Gaze
NEW GAME! Episode 7 - Please Train the New Hires Properly
NEW GAME!! Episode 6 - Wow... It's So Amazing..
NEW GAME! Episode 6 - Like... The Release is Canceled?
NEW GAME!! Episode 5 - Hey! Don't Touch Me There!
NEW GAME! Episode 5 - That's How Many Nights We Have To Stay Over?
NEW GAME!! Episode 4 - How Dense... Can You Be?
NEW GAME! Episode 4 - The First... Paycheck...
NEW GAME!! Episode 3 - Ooh, I'm So Embarrassed!
NEW GAME! Episode 3 - What Happens If I'm Late to Work?
NEW GAME!! Episode 2 - This Is Just Turning into Cos-purr-lay!
NEW GAME! Episode 2 - So This is an Adult Drinking Party...
NEW GAME!! Episode 1 - Of all the embarrassing things to be caught doing...
NEW GAME! Episode 1 - It Actually Feels Like I Started My Job
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